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Where we Help

Enter your Zip-Code to see if our combined volunteer-network covers your area!

  • These restrictions only apply for those volunteering for essential errands, not for those volunteering to assist remotely"
    - Show no symptoms of COVID-19 (per the CDC) or exposure to others with the same symptoms Fever Including a high temperature Cough Chills Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath Repeated shaking with chills Muscle pain Headache Sore throat New loss of taste or smell - Ability to pay for someone's purchase prior to them reimbursing you. The reimbursment process is left to the Mediumize volunteer and person they are helping, but is commonly done so through any of the following means: Cash Checks Venmo Apple Pay Google Pay - Willingness to wear gloves amongst other precautions under the discretion of the person utilizing Mediumize's services - Be at least 16 years old - Comply with our terms and conditions or have the expressed consent of a legal guardian to volunteer
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We can help in 151 cities across 18 states & provinces in 3 countries. However, if we do not have volunteers in your area, here are other options:

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