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Volunteer Spotlight: Monica Inda

Monica is an 11th grade student at Wylie E. Groves High School in Beverly Hills, Michigan who enjoys learning about government, playing soccer, and having fun with friends. Beyond regular high school activities, Monica has a will to make the world a better place. Monica has been volunteering for Mediumize since March 16th, and she joined not only because she recognized the inherent dangers of high-risk individuals venturing out into public, but also because she felt a sense of community was dwindling and wanted to make a difference. "If helping people with essentials would bring back some of the connectedness that they otherwise would not get during this time, then I am all for it," said Monica. Monica has done deliveries for Mediumize users from Kroger, Meijer, and Plum Market for high-risk individuals throughout the Beverly Hills and Southfield, Michigan areas. Monica noted that every grocery store is in a different situation when it comes to availability of products, but she notices many underlying similarities while shopping too. Monica recounted, "that everyone is being extremely cautious and taking this pandemic seriously… [and] most are wearing what they should to protect themselves and others." Hopefully Monica’s observations give all of our Mediumize community a further sense of hope as we recognize the generosity and caution our volunteers are spreading and observing during the pandemic. Not only has Monica been thinking about the safety of the elderly population, but also their general well-being. "I would be scared if I was a high-risk individual because of the sheer number of people that are in stores." Even though Monica has always considered it to be important for members of different generations to work together, she specifically recognizes the importance during these difficult times. While teenagers still get to interact with fellow students every day through ed-tech platforms, elderly individuals have been "cut off from their friends and family going on seven weeks now,” without regularly scheduled interactions. Like many Mediumize volunteers, Monica seems to be benefiting from the platform as much as the people she is helping. Recalling one of her early errands, Monica says, "I was shopping for an elderly couple where the woman was in Chemotherapy. I remember being a little nervous after getting out of the store because... I had to make quite a few substitutions, but even so, when I dropped off the groceries, the couple was so unbelievably grateful for me going out of my way to help them." From the entire Mediumize community, thank you to Monica for all of your volunteer hours and helping so many in our community! As American writer Steve Maraboli stated, "you express the truth of your character with the choice of your actions." It sure seems like Maraboli had someone like Monica in mind when he authored that quote!

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