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Volunteer Spotlight: Estee Moss

Mediumize Volunteer, Estee Moss

Estee Moss is an 11th grade student at Bloomfield Hills High School in Michigan who loves writing and reading books, theater and Forensics, and being an active leader in the BBYO Jewish Teen community. Similar to the way she takes initiative in BBYO, Estee has been one of the earliest Mediumize volunteers helping to protect high-risk individuals within the greater Bloomfield Hills area during the COVID-19 outbreak. Estee decided to start volunteering with Mediumize on March 16th because she "wanted to be able to make a difference" by giving "back to those in need of assistance." Estee observes that, like she does, "the majority of [shoppers] wear masks, gloves and obey social distancing rules." Safety while volunteering for Mediumize is very important to Estee who reflects that if she was a high-risk individual, she "would be taking all the necessary precautions to protect [her] health." Though continuously taking time out of your own day to help others can be tiresome, Estee is motivated to help others out of gratitude for her own health and to give back to those who came before her. Estee is motivated to help elderly individuals at risk to COVID-19 since "they helped to build the community we live in now, so now it is our turn to start giving back and showing our thanks." Estee recalls a gratifying delivery where she purchased items for a Jewish community member so that they could celebrate Passover traditions even in quarantine. "As a teen who is very active in the Jewish community, it was very impactful to know that my trip helped her celebrate Passover and I was able to share a Jewish connection with her." We know that readers of our newsletter and blog are proud to be associated with a young leader like Estee, whose continuous dedication to helping others makes her a role model for us all. Estee makes all of her communities better because, as American author and civil rights leader Coretta Scott King said, "the greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members." Thank you Estee!

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