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Need a Mask?

With rising COVID-19 transmission rates, prospects of a second wave, and increased governmental efforts, owning and using face masks has never been more important. In alignment with our goals of limiting the spread of COVID-19 and protecting vulnerable individuals, Mediumize is continuing to offer free masks to anyone who needs them. Japan epitomizes why masks are crucial in combatting a pandemic — to learn more, read the New York Time's article, "Is the Secret to Japan’s Virus Success Right in Front of Its Face?"

If you need a mask, contact us and indicate your address, quantity needed, and whether you would prefer a home-made or surgical-grade mask.

If you would like to make a mask yourself, check out our tutorial on how to make a no-sew face mask with everyday household items.

To support our efforts, consider donating! All donations will be used to either purchase masks in bulk or materials for home-made masks (in accordance with demand and price fluctuations), as well as various other COVID-19 related relief projects.

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