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Making DIY Face Masks

Hospitals across the country have been requesting for medical supply donations for weeks, not because of a lack of funds but rather shortages in supply. Specifically, hospitals have been attempting to collect pre-owned PPE supplies. While medical personnel certainly require these scarce supplies the most, it has left many other essential workers shorthanded. According to representatives from Meijer and Kroger, five grocery store workers have already passed away due to heightened exposure and a lack of protection in Michigan alone. With an incubation period between five days and two weeks, many grocery store employees can pass COVID-19 on to customers without knowing, especially since the virus is the most transmissible before symptoms arise. As such, we need to protect grocery store workers not only for their own safety but also the rest of the population.

There is no perfect solution to protecting grocery store workers considering the insinuating situation. However, while most medical professionals are not allowed to accept DIY face masks, grocery store workers who would have no protection otherwise can. The most common method to assemble a homemade face mask involves a sewing machine, but other methods are much easier to scale and can be just as effective. One such process only involves four simple materials: a square fabric of any sort, two hair ties or rubber bands, optionally a stapler, and cleaning supplies. Watch this simple, 1-minute video to learn how you can make one yourself!

Mediumize is partnering with another non-profit organization, the buildOn chapter at the International Academy of Bloomfield Hills, to distribute masks throughout Metro Detroit.

Please keep in mind that if you choose to donate these masks through Mediumize and buildOn, it is important to take proper sanitary measures such as:

  • Washing your hands before touching any materials.

  • Washing the fabric before use.

  • If possible wear a face covering and gloves when making masks to be donated.

  • Place the final product in a sealed zip-lock bag.

If you would like to make a mask and have it delivered to a grocery store, fill out the form through the following link: buildOn/Mediumize DIY Mask Donations.

To help distribute masks, fill out the form through the following link: buildOn/Mediumize Mask Volunteer Driver.

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