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How Mediumize Got its Name

By Jonah Liss

A question that is often asked is, "why do you not require people utilizing Mediumize's services to pay?" The answer can actually be explained through how Mediumize got its name. The name Mediumize originated from the belief that there would be a demand for physical service requests and online assistance, but also that there would be large amounts of people willing to volunteer. This impression was accurate. Within a week of launching Mediumize, there were 60+ volunteers on a basis of around 1,000 organic impression, showing that a large percentage of people were willing to set aside their time and resources to help others.

No one capitalizes on Mediumize's success, including volunteers, but there is still a large supply of people willing to help. While the spread of COVID-19 will be regarded as one of the most devastating events in history, some good came out of it: our communal strength became increasingly apparent. Many people want to help others in times of crisis, they just do not always know where to start. In essence, that is why Mediumize was created - to give people the opportunity to help each other. Our platform acts as the medium between two parties; two parties that existed long before Mediumize was conceptualized.


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